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Choco Love launched in Nigeria

Sweet Nutrition Limited, a manufacturer of consumer goods in Nigeria has pledged to promote quality products in the Nigerian food and beverage industry, as it unveiled new cocoa beverage drink.

The company, formerly known as Bayswater Industries Limited, introduced the Chocolate Malt Drink, which it said would meet nutritional needs of families in the country.

The Managing Director, Sweet Nutrition, Kumar Venkataraman, said the firm would continue to promote excellent customer and brand relationship despite harsh economic realities in the country.

“We are providing a tasty and nutritious drink for kids and the entire family because we will not water down our brand’s performance in the Nigerian market. The product is delicious enough to become a household name on its own merit.

“Choco Love is only the first of many top nutritious quality products that is introduced to the Nigerian market by us, and we urge our customers to be on the lookout in the coming months,” Venkataraman added.

He added that the drink is affordable and it was formulated based on the African concept of ‘family’, which entails sharing love and unleashing the confidence with each individual.

The company’s Head of Sales and Marketing, Swatanter Saraswat, said the brand has met the required standards to ensure that the product would be accepted by Nigerians.

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He said the product, which was researched and tested over 18 months, retains a distinctive Nigerian taste and is made from best international ingredients like malt extracts, milk powder, vitamins and minerals, cocoa powder, chocolate and vanilla.

Saraswat reiterated that Choco Love aspires to help children achieve a healthy balance of physical and mental development, adding that the drink releases every ounce of energy, nourishes and unleashes inherent confidence which helps the child grow, to become an achiever in the future.

He also added that Choco Love is available for purchase in markets within the country, while he encourages all consumers to experience the rich full taste of the drink.

He, however said, with the brand’s prevalence in the Nigerian market, it would provide nourishment with a unique and delicious taste, guaranteed to provide all the essentials to children for a smart mind and a healthy future.

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