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How Do Entrepreneurs Remember the Content in All the Books They’ve Read?

Most entrepreneurs read as much as 50 books in a year, or probably more than that amount. One might then wonder how they remember the contents of each book to apply it in their daily life. Well here are some insights into how they do it:

Hector Quintanilla, founder of the, said formerly, he read books to find answers to specific problems and while reading, he would underline whatever he wanted to remember and also took notes to follow the instructions in the book, but then he realized this wasn’t helping him achieve anything. That was when he realized that it was all about his mindset. He was reading the books because it was easier for him to follow instructions rather than take accountability for his actions. He wanted a proven recipe for success. When he realized that, he changed his method and started reading books just to expand his mindset, expanding his vision and understanding of the world, and that was how he learned to execute what he read from books.

After reading, they reflect, contemplate and introspect on how best they can use the knowledge they’ve gained to be more productive. When they read books, they are not just trying to cram the contents word for word, but they are integrating the knowledge with other books they’ve read, and with their own real-life experiences, interactions and observation. All these are just to draw a conclusion to a particular issue.

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Some entrepreneurs actually read books, not just to gain knowledge, but to remember important quotes which could help them in difficult situations. It helps them sound intelligent when there is a discussion and they say the exact words written in a book.

Books help entrepreneurs to understand things which were beforehand somewhat vague, it does this by telling a story and breaking it down in tiny units for easy consumption and assimilation which helps one remember how the book made them feel after reading it.

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