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The Entrepreneur Africa Awards 2019: Nominations Now Open!

Dear Entrepreneurs, here we go!! NOMINATIONS for the Entrepreneur Africa Awards 2019 have now officially opened!

This Award is an annual project which celebrates and rewards African businesses and the people behind them. It recognizes and rewards the spirit of enterprise, innovation, corporate excellence, hard work, ground-breaking, and overall impact in the field of entrepreneurship, corporate circle, and philanthropy, by Africans, young and old.

Some of the high-point categories for this year’s edition include:
1. Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award: the winner of this category will receive N500, 000 worth of business support, training, and mentorship.

2. Tech Startup Of the Year Award (winner of this category gets digital gadgets and support worth N300, 000).

3. Top 10 Startups of the Year awards (each of the 10 winners of this category goes home with material gifts worth N100,000).

Check the nomination portal to see which one you or your business fits into, or someone/company you know, big or small, fits into. Then NOMINATE!.

Nomination closes on September 15, 2019.

Award dinner and Nominees Cocktail Reception will hold as follows:
Date: 2nd November 2019

Venue: Terra Kulture Arena, V.I, Lagos, Nigeria.

Click here to nominate now.

Let’s reward enterprise and innovation. Together!

For Enquiries/Sponsorships, Call/WhatsApp +2348039306054

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