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Like The Internet Did In The 90’s, Blockchain Will Take Over The World Economies — Hakeem Disu

Mr. Hakeem Disu, CEO of Koinwa, an emerging leader in the digital assets exchange industry for the trade and storage of cryptocurrency has predicted that blockchain will become the new norm, just like when the internet took over in the 90’s.

He said this when he granted an interview to The Entrepreneur Africa, and published in the company’s July 2020 edition of her magazine.


When asked about the prospects of blockchain technology in a “new” world caused by the impacts of the novel coronavirus, the blockchain expert said: It is indisputable that blockchain will take over the world economies like the internet did in the 90’s. Aside using blockchain for bitcoin transactions, we can also use blockchain technology in areas such as electronic voting, patient health management records, digitally recorded property assets and proof of ownership for digital contents etc. 

Mr. Hakeem also spoke about the opportunities for wealth and financial freedom in the blockchain industry, the fortunes of Koinwa and how you can trade and invest in cryptocurrency smartly without the fear of losing your investments. Click here now to download for FREE this interesting interview and other entrepreneurial contents published in this latest edition of The Entrepreneur Africa Magazine.

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