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When Do I Quit My Job?

To many, starting their business /organization means leaving your current job and company to becoming your own boss.

It is true that entrepreneurship is one of the most rewarding career paths. However, this doesn’t mean you should quit your job in a hurry because you want to be the latest CEO in town.

Before you start on your own, you need to understand the essence of service which is very important and consider developing your work and reputation as an employee first before moving out of the company.

Before you quite your job ask yourself if you have the resources needed to push your business to the desired level;

The financial consequences of failure can be devastating (the mortgage must be paid regardless of profit or not but when you have the safety net of income from your job you can treat entrepreneurship as a journey and peradventure you fail; you will still gained a valuable skill to enhance your career.

To the young ones out there; I am not trying to scare you out or telling you not to the bold step but what I am simply saying is; to be seen as an entrepreneur, it is not always needful to quit your job. If you love what you do. But for some people is never the right time.

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Be patient, gain all the experience, skills on the job needed to be a better CEO and also a successful entrepreneur never lunched out without having a feasible reasonable and workable plan.

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