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Whether you are an employee or an employer, there were times you pissed people off with your toxic attitude. And it doesn’t really matter whether it’s once in a while you do it or on a daily basis. Truth is, those around you are the ones suffering it and it’s unhealthy for a good work environment. So, here are a few of those sickening traits you should work on doing away with:

  1. You take everything personally: No matter how amazing you are, people hate it when you seem to believe that everything that happens in life is a direct attack on you. So, next time you are sad, hurt or disappointed, let wisdom and intuition guide you in handling the situation, rather than taking things personally.
  2. You are obsessed about negative ideas and thoughts: When you constantly nag and feel bitter about certain ugly situations around you and not feel positive and confident about a better tomorrow, then those around are sure to get affected. It’s normal to be scared or pessimistic, but remaining unhopeful is toxic.
  3. You treat yourself like a victim: This is another poisonous trait that you should work on. Believing you are a victim, unable to influence a positive change is a toxic attitude that keeps you stuck and small. So, you need to start believing in yourself and in your potentials.
  4. You need to be validated constantly: If you are the type who wants to have an increase in self-esteem by obsessing about achieving external success, then you need to watch it. Too much of worry over how certain successes should be recorded instead of going with life in a more flexible and an easy manner can be more damaging to not just you alone but also to those around you.
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