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How To Lead Well As An Introvert


A lot of people believe that Introverts are less suited for leadership compared to Extroverts. This is wrong. Leaders come in all types and forms. Indeed, some of the most impactful and trusted managers are introverts.

So, if you are or consider yourself to be introverted, you can leverage your natural personality traits to get the job done well. So, here are three tips that may help you lead well as an introvert.

  1. Play to your strength: Always admit who you are. It’s pointless concealing your identity or trying to act like you are extroverted when you know you are not. So, at all times, assert yourself appropriately and create the space and opportunities for you to express yourself.
  2. Be open: Endeavour to make your tastes, preferences and style known to your employees or your team members. If there are issues or concerns to be addressed and you need time to think them through, state such clearly to those who ought to know. This will prevent misunderstandings or risk of being seen to be withholding information.
  3. Put yourself out there: Leverage on your powerful skills of observation to gain critical insights on when, why and how you’ll actively engage to move your career forward. Connecting and networking with others will help you to find balance and establish better communication.
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