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Being A CEO is The Hardest Job On Earth – David Agu

Founder and CEO of leading entrepreneurship lifestyle company, The Entrepreneur Africa, has penned down an inspiring note on the difficulties of being an entrepreneur, and the ultimate solution for staying strong and succeeding. Below is his thought which he shared on social media. Read and be inspired.

A couple of days back, CEO of Crew Training Institute, Katheryn Lademo, and her team visited me at my office in Lekki, and we spent over 2 hours discussing crucial corporate matters. And I have to say this: the job of a CEO is the hardest job on earth. Transmitting from a paid 9 to 5 job to entrepreneurship is the fastest way to experience constant depression. And that company CEO you’re looking up to – and thinking how on earth you’d ever become as big and successful as them – is thinking of quitting on a daily basis.

For instance, Katheryn here was one of the major staffers of the defunct Virgin Nigeria Airline, and after the company folded up in the country, Katheryn and all her colleagues lost their jobs. But instead of looking for a job elsewhere, Katheryn decided to become a job creator, instead. That’s how she founded Crew Training Institute a little more than 2 years ago. And has she succeeded in building a fantastic brand in the aviation industry? Yes. Has she created jobs for herself and several others? Yes. Has she totally overcome the fear of failing? Hell, no.

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During her visit at my office, I asked her “So, Katheryn, when was the last time you thought of quitting?” She answered without delay, “Last night. And I think of that nearly every other day”. I laughed out so hard, and responded, “story of my life”. We all busted out hysterically.

So, you see, we are all afraid; but we move on, nonetheless. What people like us have is courage, not fearlessness. Because courage is not the absence of fear; courage is the sheer determination to forge ahead, despite the hallowing presence of fear.

And so, my friend, courage is what you need. And it’s ok to be afraid in 2019. But do it anyway. Do it afraid. Like my friend, Bunmi Jembola would say, this is not the year for prolonged analysis. This is the year for faith and action. So, stop spending 6 months drafting that business plan, stop spending one more month perfecting that business or project idea you’ve been hatching since 2016. Take your first step towards executing them this month. Make mistakes. Learn on the job. But, please, get up and start kicking that ball; and soon we’ll all shout together: “issa goal!!”✌️.

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