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Characteristics Of A Good Manager

Perhaps you just got a new role as a manager or you were newly promoted to a job that requires you supervising others and delegating tasks and you are wondering if you have all it takes to perform on your new job. Not too worry because we have put together these four tips that will definitely make your new position as a manager a rewarding one. Here they are;

1. Be A Team Player: Being the leader doesn’t necessarily mean you should be a loner, not that you can’t do it alone, anyway. However, it’s more rewarding and fulfilling when you carry others along. That way, results can be enhanced and recorded promptly.

2. Target the growth of those under you: Being a manager entails producing the required results. Therefore, you should concentrate on assisting your employees to grow. The growth should manifest individually and collectively. Endeavour to know your employees’ strengths and weaknesses. That way, you can help them reach higher goals, which in turn will have a direct positive impact in the company or business.

3. Be Inclusive: If you want your team to take risks and contribute to projects, you need to make sure they feel comfortable doing so. In order to inspire original thinking, managers should create an inclusive culture where everyone gets to voice their concerns, opinions and ideas. Encourage authenticity and vulnerability, and help your team cope with any work-related stress. Leading by example is a great way to achieve this. Just because you’re a manager doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help. Turn to your team when you’re at a loss. Start a conversation, and discuss their comments.


4. Be Impact-driven: Every worker wants to feel valued. If they don’t believe their work is meaningful, making a difference in some way, they won’t be as motivated. In essence, learn and strive to make impacts.


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