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Experts Say Geothermal Energy Is The Answer To Africa’s Energy Problems

African Nations have been urged to exploit their geothermal energy potential so as to meet the growing demand of electricity in the continent.

This call was made yesterday during the opening ceremony of the ongoing 7th African Geothermal Conference (ARGeo-C7) in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital with the theme “Seizing the moment: Investing in geothermal for sustainable development.”

Over 500 energy experts are currently participating in this 3-day Conference and they wondered why out of the 20, 0000MW of geothermal energy in the Great Africa Rift Valley, it is only a fraction of it that is currently exploited, saying that Geothermal is an indigenous and reliable renewable energy and should be a key ally in bringing about a transition to low carbon, resource efficient and inclusive Green and Circular economy.

Africa needs close to $90 billion on an annual basis to solve its energy deficit. However, the paucity of funds to battle the energy problems, amongst other reasons, has made economic and human development in the continent to be a mirage.

As at today, Kenya is the only African country that generates up to 676MW of geothermal energy.

It is hoped that the deliberations and resolutions of this conference will help African nations do the needful so as to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

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