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How not to take Emotional-based Decisions in the Office.


A lot can happen in the workplace – the good, the bad and the ugly. However, as a Manager or a Team Leader, you can largely control what happens within your workplace, especially when it comes to decision-making.

And because you are human and you wield power and influence as a manager or a leader, without some restraint and discretion, you may possibly allow anger, jealousy, excitement and other strong feelings to dominate your decision-making thought processes. Thus, it’s very important that you control your emotions and prevent them from overpowering your judgment.

So, in order for you to act and judge dispassionately, here are a few tips on how to prevent emotional decision-making in the workplace:

  1. Record the pros and cons: Always pen down the merits and demerits of each situation. This will help you to weigh all sides and take a decision that’s best for you and all.
  2. Involve others: ‘No man is an Island’ is a phrase we are all familiar with. Being a CEO or a Business owner presupposes that you give your best to your company or business venture. However, your choices sometimes may not reflect that goal if you be a loner without sometimes bringing others views to bear. So, it’s important to allow neutrals give their opinions. This way, you are taking different perspectives into consideration. You may also need to persuade your team to be open about how they feel towards certain issues.
  3. Think through the situation: This means exercising great patience before taking any decision. There’s absolutely no need to want to assert your supremacy in the heat of things – everyone already knows you are the boss.
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Even if you feel pressured to respond right away, don’t give in to that negative energy; a slow decision is better than the wrong decision.

Each well-thought-out decision is one step closer to getting where you want and need to be.


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