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The life of an entrepreneur is filled with ups and downs and it’s harder when you’re just starting. Some days will be like life is a bed of roses while other days, it will seems like the whole world is against your business growth. The most effective weapon you’ll need in these tough times is your own self-belief.

Learn from Setbacks or mistakes. Every entrepreneur, no matter how dedicated, hardworking or intelligent you are, you’ll at one point face setbacks on the road. How you react to these setbacks will define you and your business. In life, you win or you learn, so never give up instead see it as part of growing. Also learn them. Know where you went wrong and try to correct the mistakes that caused the setbacks in the first place.

Have a Mentor(s). Starting your own business only means you’re your own boss which is one of the biggest experiences in entrepreneurship. You no longer answer to anyone, but while this is usually a positive thing, it’s nice to have someone to use as a sounding board for big decisions. If you know of established and experienced individuals who are in the same business as you, reach out to them because mentorship fills this gap. Look for someone who can point to the pitfalls so you can avoid them.

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Learn to say ‘No’. If you are one to always say ‘yes’ first then think about it later, you’re gradually going down the drain. Yes, some people don’t know how to decline requests because they want to make people happy but saying ‘yes’ often especially when it always affects you or your business, will burn you out quickly. Respect your own time, mental health and resources by learning to say ‘no’ when it’s appropriate.

Celebrate Every Win. Celebrating has that powerful effect of creating a positive feeling that’s it’s important to take the time to acknowledge your victories as an entrepreneur, no matter how small… The more victories you savour, the more you’ll be motivated to keep working hard.

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