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Three Powerful Ways You Can Change The World as an Entrepreneur


For a true entrepreneur, that drive to pursue your dream and make it that big monolithic building you are staring at now, should be the same drive that should propel you to help others to get to where you are now, or probably a few inches behind you. When you help others achieve their dreams, not only have you given them a hope in the midst of darkness to someone out there, you will also have a sense of personal fulfillment.

For entrepreneurs who do not know how or where to start, there are various ways you can make an impact in the lives of others. And no, it’s not just about donating money to those who are poor or hungry, that is helpful but more like fetching water with a basket. You need to create or do something that will permanently alleviate poverty and hunger. It doesn’t have to be for the whole world, but you can start from somewhere, which is your environment.

“In addition, the very spirit of entrepreneurship — determination, creativity, and optimism — is instrumental in inspiring others to act. And entrepreneurs are prone to disrupting traditional industries, generating new ideas and unlocking innovations that will help the world.”- triple pundit

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Here are three ways you can use your unique position as a successful entrepreneur to improve quality of life for others:

Invest in new technologies

Become a charitable investor for new technologies that benefit others. These companies or entrepreneurs may not have the capital to go big on their idea, but you do. See it as not just helping them grow their business, but also being able to touch lives through them. You are contributing to a social cause which means you are bothered enough about what is happening in your environment and you are looking for ways to change it.

Share your story with upcoming entrepreneurs

Most times, people say they are too busy to become mentors, but the truth is, you will only create out time for things that are of utmost importance, which means, being a mentor to someone who is still trying to find his feet isn’t as important to you.

In order to change the world through entrepreneurship, you must be willing to help others become entrepreneurial philanthropists by becoming a mentor and sharing your story through social networks. This could be on Twitter, Instagram or even Facebook. Your testimony can inspire others to launch their own ideas and create more opportunities to support social good and development of the environment they find themselves.

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Recruit others to your cause

Carry others along with you through the journey. When you’ve gone far in your entrepreneur business, you might have developed strong personal and business ties with richer and more powerful entrepreneurs; leverage on these connections and help the upcoming entrepreneurs. Organize an award programme celebrating upcoming entrepreneurs, organize a boot camp to train them with no added cost, something like the Tony Elumelu Foundation will do. This way, you are giving back to the community with your connections.

Just like you get profit after a successful business transaction, when you reach out to others and lend a helping hand, you’ll gain positive feedback from society and access to new ideas you’d never have otherwise.
Improving the quality of life will certainly help others and give you a deeper perspective, but there are other significant benefits to philanthropic endeavors. But perhaps most importantly, you’ll provide hope and inspiration to other like-minded people who have the power to help.

According to David Xu, Triple Pundit, how you use your connections, resources, and entrepreneurial drive to make a difference in the world and improve quality of life for others matters a lot.

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