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True Success Is Not Born Out Of ‘The End Justifies The Means’ – Says David Agu In An Inspirational Writeup

Addressing his followers on social media, CEO of The Entrepreneur Africa and, David Agu Esq wrote heartily on the need to understand what it takes to accomplish set goals. Find his write-up below and be inspired:
I have so many associates, but very few friends. Sometimes, I tend to treat it as a challenge; I tend to blame it on Lagos. I say stuff like “the rushing hours of Lagos do not allow working people to nurture friendships”. Then I correct myself. It’s not Lagos. It’s me. It’s how I’ve always been. Lagos is innocent on this one. “David, let’s say the truth and shame the devil”, I tell myself. Then I laugh. At myself. At how I stopped thinking like a youth since the age of 20, and how I stopped engaging in carefree activities that define youthful years, at the age of 21. I also remember how, some years ago, I was asked at my 24th birthday how old I was and they protested when I said I was 24. “How could you be just 24 and have done this and that, achieved that and this”, they went on afterwards. I’m not 30 yet. And when I turn 30, I’ll try not to invite most of my associates to the party. Africans care about age. They might feel insulted that we’ve been relating like age mates when in fact I should’ve been calling them Daddies and mummies.
I realize that sacrifices are a universal principle of success, and when your eyes are set on the goal, then you must be prepared to keep making sacrifices throughout your path to the goal. It’s up to you to determine the type of sacrifice you opt for. One of mine is that I had since given up the luxuries of many friendships and regular casual hangouts and play times and such other flavours of life. Some others have chosen the sacrifice of their sisters’ and girlfriends’ panties. But true success has never been born out of “the end justifies the means”, for that is like putting the cart before the horse. True success has always been born out of the “process justifies the end”. So, start on time, or at least start now. Go through the process. In the end, become not only a success, but also a story. Your success can inspire people to desire success, but it is your story that will help them achieve it.
Choose your sacrifice. But by all means, choose the right sacrifice. Enjoy the rest of the week.

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