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More than ever before, now is the time to do business in Africa!

In an article published today 31st August 2018 in Business Day Newspaper and which he captioned ‘Partnering for growth in Africa’, Joe Kaeser, President and CEO of Siemens AG made a case for the huge abundant opportunities that litter the landscape of Africa. Being a telecom player and one who understands the African terrain quite well, he urged African Entrepreneurs and foreign investors to take advantage of the potentials of various African economies.

He captured it poignantly when he said: “Many African economies offer huge growth opportunities for local companies and global players alike. Tapping this potential and promoting growth and prosperity on the African continent requires new, strong partnerships across borders. Europe can play a crucial role in this. However, that requires new ways of thinking, new ways of politics and strong, trustful collaboration with African societies. It requires African solutions that create value in Africa for Africa.”

For us at The Entrepreneur Africa, we share Joe’s views on the massive potentials that Africa boast of, and we encourage Entrepreneurs and business owners, including those who are scared to venture into a business, however small, to begin to have a re-think and take that bold step that will usher in new lessons, challenges, and success ultimately.

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The Entrepreneur Africa

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