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“Diamonds are forever! I’ve been mute over the development at Diamond Bank… not because I do not have an opinion or view, but because I am sad. Diamond Bank set the tone for my career and gave me the freedom to think and be creative. Diamond Bank innovated in the Nigeria banking sector by pioneering the integrated banking system where one did not need to visit one’s branch to get service. With technology, they reduced armed robbery on Nigerian highways. Every trader needed a diamond account so that they did not need to carry cash on the road. Diamond gave me the opportunity to see banking end to end … from Operations to Business and then Risk Management. We were conservative but classy! The institution so permeated our hearts that ex diamonds were always proud to tell their new colleagues,… I am from Diamond Bank! Diamond innovated in SME lending, they did not play lip service, they actually supported businesses… I wish I had the money to pay for the beautiful name, but alas… Diamonds are not forever … This is one of the systemically important banks and for it to disappear just like that leaves a lot to be desired of our business environment, fundamental internal structures and the fate of enterprising indigenous brands. Goodbye Diamond” – Obinna Ukachukwu (Executive Management Leader)

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