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In as much as Food Business is like a gold mine, being in one is and will always be a very delicate business because it involves consumption. Many people are always selective and extra careful with what goes into their body system. Reason why any food vendor who wants to succeed in this industry must be experienced, extra-cautious, and unique.
This is what Efdee Taste, a fresh juice making company is all about. This start-up food company which was founded on January 12th, 2018, deals only on freshly squeezed juice with no water, sugar or preservative added to it.
Studies have shown that if additional ingredients are added, like sugar – often in the form of high fructose corn syrup – the nutritional profile of the juice will be different and less effective due to the additional sugar. While other brands add all these to their juice, ‘Efdee Taste’ adds none, so that you can get the full nutrients found in these fruits without any form of fabrication. That’s what makes the brand unique. What you get is the natural taste and nutrients from these fruits.
Has this pattern worked for Efdee Taste? Yes! Though Efdee Taste has gone through the difficult beginning most startups often face, they’re gradually growing into a valuable multimillion-naira business in less than one year.
In almost a year of producing and delivering quality, Efdee Taste has grown their customer base widely, and that’s because each new customer begets other customers, by way of recommendation. In the words of Dolapo, a customer of Efdee “When I first bought Efdee juice, I didn’t have a high expectation, but after tasting it, I did not only return for it repeatedly, but also introduced many of my friends to it, and now we can’t have enough”.
From freshly squeezed juice to assorted and healthy stews like ofada sauce and Eforiro, Efdee Taste is gradually making a name for itself in the Food business industry.
So, are you craving a freshly squeezed juice or you want to eat healthy and delicious stew? Get them all from Efdee (@efdee_ventures). They sure make the best ofada rice and stew in well packaged bowls.
We at The Entrepreneur Africa give them a pass mark in the beverage industry! And, guess what? They can deliver to your doorstep – fast and very convenient. And, oh, you can also book them for your events – party supplies of food and drinks.
Call them today on: 08029333008,08068268299 and follow them on Instagram @efdee_ventures.
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