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Five Different Types of Entrepreneurs



Just like we have different human personalities, we also have different types of entrepreneurs. What makes them different is their approach to business and problem-solving skills. Let’s look at the different types of entrepreneur we can find.

The accomplished entrepreneur

Accomplished entrepreneurs are those whose businesses have gone through all the stages of entrepreneurship, which entails the struggle, success, failures, huge profits, disappointing losses, employee turnover, customer loyalty and retention and so many other phases of business, and have come out stronger and ready for better days ahead. They are more about creating values rather than creating the next big thing. They want to leave a legacy for generations to come. They are the pacesetters, those who lead for others to follow. They don’t need rigorous marketing anymore, because they are now established brands. They understand the value of time, seasons, persistence, continuous learning, focus, determination, among other things. They are at the point where their business can function without them being physically present.

The research entrepreneur

The research entrepreneurs want to be accomplished and so put all effort to learn everything about building a successful business. They can either be successful or failures. Why? You may ask. Well, if all they do is learn, learn, learn without implementation, failure would surely be close by, but, if they learn and implement, then it’s only a matter of time before they would be identified as accomplished entrepreneurs.

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The determined entrepreneur

Almost every successful entrepreneur has mentioned determination as one of the reason they were able to attain the height of their success. Determined entrepreneurs are not bothered that they sold less than ten products in their first year of operation because they know the quality of what they are bringing to the market place and have realised that it takes time to create a brand and get customers. They understand the concept of not giving up or sulking when business is taking a downturn. They are passionate about their ideas and innovations; they have the ability to see the end of the tunnel and are not afraid to take risks. Hard work is a norm to them as they refer to it as duties and responsibilities they ought to carry out.

The sceptical entrepreneur

We have the sceptics in all phase of life, so you can be sure there are sceptical entrepreneurs. The sceptic is always wary of things others see as business opportunities. They take time in decision making, are scared of taking risks, are not opened to diversification or continuous learning and at the end of the day, doubt the success of other entrepreneurs or harbour the belief that they are just lucky.

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The sceptical entrepreneur hardly progresses and is not flexible. They are usually the worst hit during changes in business and technology.

 The copycat entrepreneur

The copycat entrepreneurs are those who see successful entrepreneurs and try to copy everything they do, from their style of dressing, website, habits, business cards, office location and so on. For example, since the story of the rise of Linda Ikeji, so many bloggers have sprung up, trying to copy her style of content. Now, it is not wrong to look at the model of business and trace the pattern, then draft your own model, but it is wrong trying to do everything in the exact same way because you will end up stuck, with no ideas to progress.

What type of entrepreneur do you think you are, and what type do you wish to be? It’s all about self-examination and taking steps to improve.




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