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By TheDeborah David –


2018 is ticking off, 2019 is warming up. What are your plans? If you fail to plan, automatically, you have planned to fail. You will not fail!

Planning is everything, everything needs planning.

Plan your workplace goals.

Plan your time.

Plan your resources.

Plan your materials.

Plan your inflows, revenues, sales and income.

Plan your outflows, spending, expenditure and giving.

Plan your meetings. Not just getting endlessly trapped in many meetings that there is no enough time to do the work.

Plan your exit from paid employment (if you wish).

Plan your journey to entrepreneurship (if you wish).

Plan your professional development.

Plan your career move.

Plan your delegation.

Plan your “to-do-list”

Plan . . . . ..plan ……. Plan…..

Planning is the first law of successful task completion!

Prepare a cash flow projection.

Prepare budgets.

Prepare expense analysis sheet. hashtag# Track your money, time and energy where they are going.



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